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Specialist Equipment for Diagnosis and Treatment

We have a continual program of investment in equipment to enable us to provide a top class up to date service.  Recent purchases include A DR X ray system, currently the only one in a veterinary practice north of the central belt, semen feeezing facilities - possibly the only practice to be able to offer this in Scotland, new specialist dentistry equipment, a shockwave machine, liquid nitrogen cryo spray unit etc.  Our next planned purchase is an upgrade to our tendon scanner even though the current machine is only three years old but technology moves on quickly!  

So what’s a DR X ray machine?

In principle there are two types of X ray system, digital and film radiography.  Within digital radiography there are then two methods CR and DR.  CR is a kind of halfway house where a plate is exposed just like a film and then the image has to be developed by putting the plate through some sort of processor.  DR is a true automated digital system where the plate links directly to a computer and the image appears on screen almost instantaneously without any manual processing.  This is much quicker and easier and DR systems can produce better quality images than CR systems.  It also means there is no need to go back to the surgery to develop the images so DR is massively more convenient and useful for equine work especially if the patient cannot travel.  Even in the surgery the convenience means consistently better images can be obtained.




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