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Dukes Vet Practice has been carrying out AI with chilled and frozen semen since the practice was started in 2002.  We have produced hundreds of foals by AI in this period.  Jim Dukes is the lead vet in the breeding centre and all vets are trained and competent to do AI

We have a purpose built breeding centre at the practice including a mare examination area, foaling boxes and facilities for stallions.  As well as standard AI we also carry out embryo transfer and semen collection, chilling and freezing at the practice.

We offer AI with fresh, chilled or frozen semen.  In order to simplify things we offer an inclusive fee for each insemination.  This covers all routine scans, insemination and pregnancy exams for the mare whilst she is at the Practice.  See our current pricelist for details.

We recommend that AI mares are resident at Dykehead during the insemination process.  You can either choose to just bring your mare to the practice and pick her up once she is hopefully confirmed in foal, or for 2013 we are also offering the facility for you to synchronise the mare first using regumate, bring her here just for the insemination process and then return her for pregnancy scanning.

However providing you have adequate facilities including stocks, a clean area for mare and semen preparation and enough well trained staff we will carry out AI with fresh and chilled semen only at studs within our area.  We will only do frozen semen AI at Dykehead.

The resident mares are usually turned out in small groups.  We generally keep mares and foals together with foals of similar ages or sizes.  The paddocks are laid out to enable us to accommodate up to about 30 visiting mares at any one time.  Individual paddocks or stabling are available if required but this will incur additional charges.  Mares only here during the insemination process will be stabled.

We keep up to date utilising the latest techniques to maximise conception rates.  The actual method chosen may depend on the mare, semen quality and previous results but we use intrauterine, deep intrauterine and this year hysteroscopic insemination if indicated.  Mares are scanned and treated as often or little as necessary on a case by case basis to achieve the best results.

All the vets attend BEVA AI courses and Jim has also travelled to breeding establishments in the UK, Europe and North and South America plus regularly attending courses and seminars.

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